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Latest updates

Here you can find all the updates made to browser version of Bezala. Updates made to mobile app can be seen in app stores.

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Latest updates


  • When a batch is sent to accounting manually, the contents of the batch may be filtered by asset and expense accounts.


  • Added the possibility to mark company-paid expenses as billable/nonbillable project fees when using the Severa integration.


  • Bezala will show the country-specific distance unit (kilometres, miles) on the mileage form from now on.


  • Updated the main menu to a new design.

  • Visual changes in the Credit Card Bills and Missing Receipts views:

    • buttons were moved to the footer

    • added a hover color for table rows

  • The emission tooltip will only be shown when user hovers over the emission amount.


  • After approval/disapproval, Bezala will show the next transaction on the list as active instead of returning to the first transaction on the list.

  • When a draft has been filled with the necessary info and sent to approval, Bezala will select the next draft as active.

  • Text updates:

    • made it clearer that a reward type cant be deleted if connected to a reward

    • updated the instructions of the “forgot password?” feature


  • Account codes and names are now visible for per diems, mileages and rewards in an expense summary.

  • Text changes: "Waiting to be completed" state is now called "Drafts".


  • Fixed a bug which caused the dimension to become non-required if a new cost center item was added to that same dimension via the Excel import.

  • Vendor association has been added to receipt entity. The vendor select field is visible only to accountants.

  • If the user hovers over the emission row on the mileage form, Bezala now shows a tooltip which explains the meaning of the CO2e/kg.

  • Conditional fields can now be made mandatory.

  • Per diem account codes have been brought into the chart of accounts.


  • All reminder emails will be sent from "[email protected]” from now on. Please don't reply to these messages!

  • Batches to be sent to Procountor may contain max 30 transactions from now on.


  • Users with the Employee role can now create copies of their own expenses. These copies will be created as drafts which can be then completed by the user.

  • Now users can make copies of Rewards.

  • Fortnox error messages will be sent to the company contant people from now on.


  • You can now save rewards with future dates in Bezala. This might be useful in case the reward applications might not be paid out at all or they have some conditions to be fulfilled before payment.


  • If your organization is using SSO to log in to Bezala, the domain for Bezala is going to be updated to "Bezala Production" ( soon.


  • A new expense summary (transactions grouped with the @-tag) can now be created via the New expense menu.


  • Fixed several bugs related to forwarded email receipts.

  • Fixed a bug that calculated cost cents for additional passengers in Swedish mileage calculators.


  • Bezala is fully compliant with the Swedish taxable allowances. Free meals can now be marked as taxable on the per diem form, and Bezala will calculate the amount of tax automatically.

  • We now show the 5 addresses the user has used the most in the web version when they’re filling the route field on the mileage form.

  • If a receipt form is missing the attachment, we’ll show a warning message every time the receipt owner edits the receipt form.

  • If the user adds a receipt that’s in a locked period, Bezala will show a message regarding the date. This message tells the user that the accounting date of the receipt will be automatically changed, and that they should strive to insert their receipts as soon as possible in the future.

  • The attachment field in budgets is now more intuitive to use: if there are no attachments, we show a text “No attachments added” in the field.


  • We now show emissions estimation on the mileage form that is calculated by the selected vehicle. The estimation is also seen in Spreadsheet that can be exported from the Mileage archive.

  • You can now add vendor (organisation from where services/goods were purchased) information to Bezala via our API. These vendors are company-specific. Vendor dropdown won’t be visible on the receipt form.

    • If you're interested in setting up vendors in your Bezala environment, please contact Bezala support!


  • Budgets have now been added to the “add new expense” dropdown.

  • We now show counters next to each expense state in the main menu.

  • We now show a comment icon next to the amount in the expense list if there are comments saved on that expense.


  • @-tag grouping:

    • Transactions grouped with the @-tag can now be seen more clearly in the transaction list. When user clicks on an individual tag, we show the transactions details table on the right.

    • New transactions can now be added to an existing tag group by clicking also on a link on the header row of the expense group table.

    • When user saves a new transaction with an existing tag, Bezala copies the description, date and cost centers from the last transaction in that summary.


  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where copying a receipt with foreign currency didn’t retain the original receipt’s taxable amount.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the free meals lines to be duplicated in certain cases.

  • Added a description field to budgets - this field fits more text than the shorter name field.


  • Mepco integration:

    • User memberships can now be restored via the Mepco integration if the column “Ts päättymispv” is null for that user.

    • When an existing user is added to another environment as an approver, they are given the “Public” role instead of "Employee". This limits their ability to create expenses in this new environment.

  • From now on also rewards will be automatically marked as paid and will be reported to Skatteverket.


  • French per diems can now be calculated in Bezala.


  • Improvements to budgets:

    • Disapproved budgets can now be edited: edited budget will return the budget to approval

    • Users can now upload attachments to budgets on creation and on edit

  • VAT percentages will be organized in the dropdown menu in the following manner: primarily by value, secondarily by title.

  • The maximum value for the amount field of the receipt form is now 10 billion.


  • Visibility for the account codes of per diems, mileages and rewards will be based on the form type (eg. per diem accounts are only visible on the per diem form). This was done in preparation of migrating these accounts to the Accounts page in the Web UI.

  • Recurring reminder emails about approvals, drafts, missing receipts and a missing SSN won’t be sent while a person is on holiday.


  • Mepco settings can now be managed in the web UI

  • Fix to foreign daily allowances when using the PALTA rules


  • Inactive users email: scheduled twice per year instead of monthly

  • Possibility to disable batch PDF generator if accounting bathes are sent as Spreadsheet (the user "payslips" will still be created)

  • API: VAT codes can be fetched via API with “vat_code" field


  • New expense menu (icons +auto open dropdown on mouse hover)


  • Budgets page UI improvements (it is now easier to approve budgets)


  • Import users in Spreadsheet format (requires Manager role)

    • Note! Never update emails using Spreadsheet. That will create new users.

  • Import accounts in Spreadsheet format (requires Manager role)

  • Taxable mileages

    • Possibility to add taxable part to mileage

    • Possibility to send the taxable part to Skatteverket (in Sweden)

    • If the company is using mileage category with at least taxable mileage vehicle option we show the Total incl. tax and Tax deduction fields in mileage form (coming to mobile app too during H1 2024).

    • Possibility send the taxable amount to accounting possible only if the batches are sent as Spreadsheet (support to integrations coming later).

    • Payments: Only the Total to be reimbursed part will be paid to the users


  • Cancelling Finnish IR reports possible for Accountants

  • Possibility to active Reward form from Company page

  • Possibility to add Company specific travel policy in HTML on Company page


  • Improvements to New Budget layout

  • Bug fix: Some PDFs kept failing when uploaded to Bezala --> fixed


  • Companies using credit card integration: Set default credit card account!

    • Managers can now set a default credit card accounting account in credit card settings in Integration page if organization is using only one Payment method per integration

    • Setting a default account automates the connecting new credit cards to correct account and users so there will no be delays for users to see their first credit card transactions in Bezala

  • Improvement to Mepco and Sympa integrations: approvers added to the company user list

    • If approver is employed by company A but is set as approver in company B, the approver is added to user list of A and B.


  • Close periods to help with monthly or yearly accounting closing

  • Improvements to "Paid at" data in Archive

    • Sometimes transactions might be paid manually, and the payment date would be different than the date when transaction is sent to accouting

    • When generating the SEPA file, now we mark the transactions as paid at on the due date in the SEPA file

    • Now users can select a date when marking a receipt as paid

    • Allowed marking receipts to as paid when they are in in queue state

    • If transaction is marked as paid in queue, we exclude it from the payments we generate (SEPA/Netvisor etc) so the paid infomation should only be added when the expense has really been paid to the user

  • Hided the VAT (Nonprofit) setting deleted from UI.

    • The information can only be changed by our support ([email protected]). The information also effects to the codes we sent to Finnish Income register (profit/nonprofit).

  • Improvements to Finnish Income register integration (yrittäjä/kevytyrittäjä support)

    • It's now possible to select "Self-employed person" (IncomeEarnerType 14) as employees' income earner type by our support.

    • The setting changes this to all users of the company, no user specific changes can be done.

    • When users of company with this setting active claim Rewards with code 201 (aikapalkka) we send (ExceptionCode 1 to the InsuranceExceptions: No obligation to provide insurance (earnings-related pension, health, unemployment or accident and occupational disease insurance)) info to Income Register.


  • Mileage Account Codes can now be seen in Accounts page

    • The codes are only visible when mileage form is used

    • "Mileage" text is visible Purchase type listing in Receipt form for a limited time as well.

  • Conditional fields to Reward form

  • UI: show account codes for allowances on home page


  • Finnish Incomes Register: support income type code 201

  • API: allow managers to create budgets on behalf of users.


  • Summary PDF from users' annual expenses (allowances, reimbursements and expenses paid by employers money)

    • Users can download their own summary from Batches page

    • Press "Export Summary PDF" in lower right corner

    • Accountant can filter batches by All users and specific users and export PDFs according to the filtered view

  • UI: Front page layout /help display improvement when there are no expenses waiting for actions

  • Changes to CCB invoicing logic

    • When user has more than one credit card we only bill from 1 card max


  • New fields in profile

    • In the future the filled information can be used for suggesting addresses in mileage forms

  • Skatteverket reports view "Skatteverket declarations"

    • Only visible to Swedish companies

    • Users can download their tax reports from

  • UI: Moved VAT Code field below VAT percentage in Receipt form


  • Possibility to add employment termination date via API and Excel user import

    • The user is deleted from Bezala environment next day from the termination date


  • Company address and VAT ID to batch PDF's

    • Provide [email protected] the needed information if you would like to activate the feature.


  • Home page performance improvements


  • Bug fix: Some pages kept loading when they were opened in another tab


  • Account limits to Rewards

  • Default Tax percentage for Rewards:

    • Finland 60%

    • Sweden 30%

    • All other countries 30%


  • Reward types are now added also to Accounts page

    • Note that changing Account / Reward info does not change it from both Accounts and Reward type pages


  • Automated VAT code selection

    • You can now automate VAT code per selection my mapping VAT percentages and codes in Purchase type settings

  • Netvisor update:

    • Show users a PDF summary of the expenses they have paid with their own money

      • Users can also be sent an email when the expenses has been sent to accounting for reimbursement

        • Can be activated by checking "Send payslips to users after payments" checkbox from Company page

  • Spreadsheet update:

    • Possibility to get PDF per user per company assets

    • Has to separately be activated by our support


  • Finnish income register integration update

    • Added validation to support new letters in SSO for people born in 2000s

  • Front page bug fixes


  • Update to Budgets: Possibility to open budget view from Budgets page for budget approvers

  • New parameters to API

    • Filtering of batches by date (Date range) - date_range param to api/batch_documents to see the list of batch documents within a date range

    • Filtering of transactions by batch - batch_reference_number to /api/archive to see a list of expenses from specific batch document


  • New front page view


  • Procountor integration

    • Switch to newer API version

  • Improved loading times


  • Send batch failure messages to company support person

    • Quite many of the error messages were sent to Bezala support even when the errors should have been fixed my the main user

    • Now we send those messages to support person (and if the field is empty in Company page we will sent it to accountants)


  • Estonian daily allowance update

    • Allow making company based changes to meal deduction percentage (15-35% / meal)

  • Allow importing credit card bills manually (ask support for spreadsheet format)

  • Unified user interface for all forms (used grey background to connect fields if they are somehow related to each other)

  • Send batch error messages to company support person / accountant (make sure the fields are filled in Company page)


  • NetSuite integration update:

    • Bug fix: Now dimension enforcement for NetSuite companies too


  • Allowed the creation of daily and mileage allowances to the future


  • Updated email reminder schedule

    • Check when the emails are sent (EN/FI)


  • Severa integration updates

    • Possibility to send expenses as receipts, mileages and per diems (expenses are sent as "Muu kulu" as default)

    • Possibility to change dating the expenses based on expense date (batch date is set as a date as default)

    • Changes can be done by [email protected]


  • Company-level approvers

    • Approval limits

    • An ability to add company approvers both before and after other approver types


  • Integration to The Swedish Tax Agency Skatteverket

    • Report is sent once a month

  • Reverse transaction

    • Possibility to create a reverse transaction through the cog icon

    • Bezala will create identical expense but with negative sum

  • Finnish income register: New income types (tulolajit) to Rewards

    • NEW: Veronalainen kustannusten korvaus (353)

    • NEW: Käyttökorvaus ansiotuloa (313)


  • Save expenses as drafts

    • You can also save expenses as drafts in mobile app by exiting the form (Bezala then asks if you want to save the expense as a draft)


  • Improvements to budget feature

    • Possibility to add multiple expense types within a one budget

    • You can add budget feature by contacting our support (it's hidden by default)


  • Netvisor: When creating a new company with Netvisor integration set a default voucher class to "Muut"


  • Allow splitting receipt cost to multiple Expense Accounts, Cost Centers, and VAT codes


  • Procountor: Split batch PDF if batch includes more than 50 transactions


  • Show both cost center name and external ID in cost center dropdown


  • UI:

    • Remove 15-min rounding on daily allowance time selectors.

    • Fixed: Price in narrowed window should be visible


  • Bug related to approval fixed

    • A bug related to approval was discovered and fixed. The changes made to VAT code and Purchase type by the approver were not saved to the expenses when the Approve button was pressed but required the Update button to be pressed

    • Now the bug has been fixed and the changes are saved normally when pressed Approve.


  • Multiple accounting integrations now allowed per company


  • Email reminders to fill draft receipts

    • You can delete unnecessary drafts

    • Not completed travel account receipts and eReceipts are also treated as draft receipts

  • Tag expense summary

    • When @ tag has been used in expenses' descriptions the tag can be clicked to see the summary of the expenses


  • Automatically remove spaces from IBANs


  • Company approvers.

    • You can add company approvers to company settings page

    • Company approver(s) will always be set as a first approver before user or cost center based approval

  • Update to Mepco integration: always add SSN and IBAN/BIC from Mepco if they're empty in Bezala


  • Notify company support person of inactive users

    • When user has been inactive for more than 2 years the support person will be send an email notification

  • Denmark Daily allowances


  • SEPA payment message update

    • Payment from bezala --> Expense reimbursement

  • Allowed deletion of accounted receipts

    • The receipt can be deleted via cog icon

    • Only Accountants can delete receipts

    • Only non-reimbursable can be deleted


  • Daily allowance validation: Block claiming multiple daily allowances to same time period and display following message if tried: "This allowance overlaps with an existing allowance and cannot be saved"

  • Company free meals setting to daily allowance form

    • Allowed setting all the free meals received by default (can only be set by our support by request)


  • Usability update: Daily Allowance accessibility and UI updates

  • Open the batch PDF from email link no matter in which environment you are in Bezala currently


  • Income register update:

    • If a batch includes expenses with different dates, the date of the report will be set regarding the latest date

    • Transactions over 6 months old will not be reported


  • Login page redesign: Moved SSO options before password login

    • We recommend every company to use enforce SSO authentication

    • Companies are able to enforce SSO authentication from Company settings (under Authentication & Sign-up). In that case password auth is disabled for all company users.

  • Fixed image resizing for the images taken with some Android devices


  • Text updates to Web UI

  • Send email to the company support person if some users' SSN is missing

    • If you're getting email of a missing SSN please add it to user's settings or ask the user or adding

  • Update to Spreadsheet accounting files: Possibility to at VAT code column

  • Display Cost Center ID in Cost Center dropdown

  • VAT code - VAT % mapping

    • You are now able to map VAT codes and percentages in Expense account's settings.

    • If you have mapped them and select certain VAT percentage using a certain Expense account the VAT code is automatically selected.

  • EmCe update: VAT codes


  • Dimension enforcement

    • You can now enforce dimensions to be selected from Cost Centers page. You can do it by edit a Cost Center of which dimension you want to enforce.

    • Enforce a dimension by activating "Required Dimension" checkbox. When the checkbox is activated the cost center it is required to fill in this dimension on all forms.

  • EmCe update: When "Send all expenses as vouchers“ has been activated in Company page Bezala generates one document (one voucher file, one PDF, one batch document in the DB) per user.


  • Allow zero sum allowance and mileage

    • Some companies want to be able to use forms even when the allowances are not paid to be able to calculate total travel days


  • Security update: Deleted "Change password" section from profile page

    • We recommend using SSO authentication and disabling password login.

    • If password login is still allowed the password can be changed from Forgot password -page (can be found in login page)


  • Redesign of batch PDFs


  • SSO authentication and exceptions

    • Companies are able to enforce SSO authentication from Company settings (under Authentication & Sign-up). In that case password auth is disabled for all company users.

    • It is possible to enable password login for individual users from their settings. Changing the settings individual users requires beta tester role (can be requested from [email protected]).

    • We highly recommend every organization to enforce SSO authentication to improve the information security!


  • Reduced Archive pages' loading time


  • New Credit Card integration: Pliant

  • Fortnox & Hogia integration

    • Allow skipping sending personal expenses to Fortnox

    • The setting can only be changed by our support

  • Improvements to manual credit card receipt connection

    • Extended the manual connection dropdown to show also all transactions within one year from the date with the exact same billed amount (in original currency) OR taxable amount

  • Zevoy integration

    • Allow CC transactions in “clearing” state to be connected to receipts

  • Credit Cards: "No receipt needed" for company expenses visible only for Accountants


  • New Secretary role: Add expenses on someone's behalf

  • Netvisor: Changed default voucher class to "Bezala".


  • Improvements for route marking

  • Mepco: User-specific categories mileage/per diem via integration


  • Send users an email when the expense has been sent to acconuting

  • Enabled renaming VAT options

  • Bug fix to EmCe integration


  • Rewards to spreadsheet integration

  • Allow existing user to active integration via Netvisor Store

  • Deactivate users after 2 years

    • Valid if a user is not active in 2 years and is not coming via some HR integration

  • Improvements to Severa integration


  • Mepco integration improvements: setting approval cycles with OR, user roles, and languages through Mepco


  • Budgets: cost centers

  • Onboarding: Country selection on company creation

  • Reward types deactivation


  • Severa: an option to add project number to project name (changed by support)


  • Fix to Norway daily allowance

    • If the trip lasts 6-12 hours the employee is entitled to half of the daily allowance

  • Improvements to Severa integration

    • set expense date to batch date

    • pushing expenses failed on invalid mapping

    • don't add/remove users (but update them) if "Create new users" is switched off.

    • improvement to SSN and IBAN saving


  • Update to Hogia integration

    • VAT can be separated from the total amount in the file they import to Hogia

    • Account can be set for VAT

      • Settings can only be changed by support


  • Netvisor integration improvement

    • Once the voucher is sent to Netvisor, it has now manually be checked in Netvisor

  • Improvement to cost center based approval cycle

    • Now the approval cycle is re-calculated when cost center is updated to the expense

  • Hogia Cost Center mapping

    • To merge cost center data data between between Bezala and Hogia, the following mapping can be done by our support:

      • Resultatenhet (costCentre)

      • Kostnadsbärare (costUnit)

      • Project (project)


  • Project import from Dynamics 365

    • Projects are fetched automatically from D365 once a day


  • Date range to "Send batch now"

    • You can now select a date range when sending batches manually. This helps especially when it's important that there are only expenses from certain dates in the same batch.

  • Default mode of transport set automatically

    • When user claims a mileage, the selected mode of transport is set as a default. The next time the user claims a mileage the default mode of transport is used.

    • This help especially when company uses different fuel types in mode of transport selection to collect data for emissions calculations.


  • Google Maps to browser version

    • When adding a route, Google Maps calculates the driven kilometers/miles automatically.


  • New Integrations page

    • See what integrations are active

    • Activate integrations to credit card companies


  • Accessibility: labels

  • Keyboard shortcuts for opening an expense forms (Windows)

    • Alt + r for receipt
      Alt + m for trip (mileage)
      Alt + p for daily allowance (per diem)
      Alt + w for reward

9.9.2022 - Mobile & Web update

Usability improvements:

  • The mobile app now shows the sum of the transactions in each state

  • Users of the mobile can now see the travel policy from the main menu. Go to your company settings to setup a company-specific travel policy.

  • The datepicker in the web app on the forms has been renewed, allowing you to type dates and times faster

  • It is no longer possible to delete a user that has transactions still being processed. If you try to do so you will be informed that the users access has been removed, and their profile was deactivated but not yet deleted.

Updates to integrations:

  • We now send PDF files via the EmCe integration

  • The Nordea First Card integration now supports most common currencies

Bug fix

  • The receipt OCR functionality had a bug where it searched for the currency even if it was a part of a word, which caused it to sometimes give the receipt an incorrect currency. We updated this so that the currency has to be it's own word.


Netvisor update: new voucher type (tositelaji) "Bezala"


  • Fortnox update: an option to create either supplier invoices or vouchers.

  • Swedish Daily allowances: Free meal days logic change (now there's one free meal day for each calendar day for Swedish calculator)

  • Severa updates:

    • Error on trying to delete cost center whose integration resource doesn't exist => fixed

    • An option to connect users by external ID

  • Rewards: added Finnish Income Register code 353 (Veronalainen kustannusten korvaus) to reward types

  • Bug fix: Issue with duplicated Bill Lines in Nordea FirstCard integration => fixed


  • Severa updates:

    • add assignees to projects with looked root phase.

    • push expenses to an unlocked project phase.

    • project assignees not updated without 'Force data sync' => fixed.

    • an option to add user approvers (off by default, approvers were always added before the change).

  • Bug fix:

    • User with deleted membership couldn't be added back to the company via Excel import => fixed


  • Eurocard regrouping: The Eurocard credit card purchases have historically been grouped by month, but now we've improved the integration and automatically regroup the transactions to match the actual credit card bill. This improvement works automatically for all Eurocard users.

  • The Digia ERP integration now includes VAT codes. Contact our support if you use Digia and wish to set the VAT codes in Bezala.

  • We also improved our OCR, specifically how we read the currency from the receipt image.


  • Approval improvement: Added sums to the header of the Approve all confirm dialog

  • Reward export improvements: added tax amount and total tax amount

  • Security improvements

3.8.2022 - Mobile app update

  • The mileage form has now been rebuilt natively, making it faster and smoother to user. Give it a try!


  • Fixed a bug in the EmCe integration.

  • Fixed a bug in the Netvisor Cost Center sync.

  • Security improvements.

  • Improved our billing process.


  • You can now set up company-specific VATs. This is handy when you can deduct VAT in multiple countries but still wish to have only one global bezala environment.

  • Digia-integration bug fix: user_id was not set in batch document

  • We received a lot of replies to the transaction-disapproval emails we send to users. We can't help the users in this case, and thus we decided to minimise these unnecessary support tickets by changing the reply-to email to [email protected].


  • Danske Mastercard integration bug fix


  • Nordea Firstcard travel receipts are now automatically added to bezala, and connected to the credit card bill.

  • Portugal multi-country daily allowance

  • Severa: expenses should be sent as travel expenses + some refactoring.


  • Netvisor: failure message update

  • Netvisor batch sending: if queue has too many transactions (over 300), split it into several parts.

  • Show mileage & allowance account code for managers (were previously shown only to beta testers)

  • We also improved our own billing process, you will now be invoiced within the first few workdays of the month, about a week quicker than before. The improvement also removed lots of manual steps, reducing risks of human-errors.


  • Introducing a beta-integration with Severa! Bezala can now get projects and their resources from Visma Severa, and assign billable transactions to the project in Severa. Keep in mind that this integration is still in Beta-testing. Our support team will gladly help you set it up.

24.6.2022 - Happy midsummer!

  • We fixed a few Credit Card (CC) related bugs. The "Add receipt" functionality is now removed if the CC transaction is linked to a receipt.

  • Previously, in CC integrations, when we received a refundable transaction for a CC that is not in the system, we created it in the users reimbursement account only when there is a user-specific reimbursement account in the users settings. In this case we now create a credit card in the company-specific reimbursement account.

23.6.2022 - Mobile app update

  • When updating the default Expense Account in the web app, it is now sent to mobile app without a delay.

  • We also fixed a few mobile bugs:

    • Default Expense Account not sent from mobile without refresh after Settings changed

    • VAT field title wasn't fully shown in Receipt form

    • Deleted VAT wasn't shown on mobile


  • Credit Card asset accounts are now set as the default payment method for the users that are assigned to them. This can be overwritten by explicitly setting another account as a default for the user.

  • The NetSuite integration settings are now all available in the UI! We also fixed a bug where we added non-valid cost center approvers from the NetSuite integration.


  • Procountor VAT codes. Companies using the Procountor integration can now set VAT codes in Bezala. You will need to setup the VAT codes in Bezala to be able to use this. Our support team will gladly help you!

  • Filtering of deleted users. We previously removed deleted users from all report filters. This has now been improved so that the deleted users that have transactions in the report are filterable.

  • Fortnox error forwarding. Any errors we receive from the fortnox integration are now automatically forwarded to the technical contact email in the company settings.


  • Asset & Expense account deactivation. Due to popular demand we've added an ability to deactivate accounts. Deactivated accounts can also be deleted when there aren't any transactions in-process assigned to them.

  • Cross-company accounting material access improvement. Previously the batch file link in the batch email requires that the manager/accountant is logged in to the correct Bezala environment to access it. We changed it so that the file is accessible to a logged in user that has a manager/accountant role in file’s company (regardless of current company).


  • Cost center approval. Managers can now add an approval flow behind cost centers. This replaces the approval flow behind the user, but approval will still be required by any users with the "money checker" role that are in the approval cycle behind the user or cost center.

  • CSV batch improvement. We've added an ability to group asset account rows by account.


  • Reimbursing to users that don't have an IBAN account? When reimbursing via SEPA, it isn't possible to reimburse to users if they don't have an IBAN bank account. You can now exclude specific users from the SEPA files, and we will generate a separate payment report for them.


  • Drafts can now be moved to approval without updating them if all fields have been automatically filled in.

  • VATs can now be disabled during the middle of a year. This need occurred when some countries added temporarily lower VATs to support the economy during Covid.


  • We've improved the allowance calculator for German companies to support the deduction of free meals.


  • We updated the Procountor API version

  • The NetSuite integration now supports GL account numbers with letters in them.


  • When clicking approve all, both for groups and for all transactions, we now show a confirm-dialogue with a summary of all the transactions that are being approved. In the confirm dialogue there is a table with the account number and names of the expense accounts in the Y axis, and the user names on the Y axis.

  • Sweden allowance update: the free meal day appearance for a particular travel day was tied to a min travel of 2h on that day. This has now been removed, so that users can add meals even if they traveled for less than 2h on the last day.

14.5.2022 - mobile app update

  • The mobile app now asks who participated when a representation account is selected.

  • Approvers can now see summaries of what needs to be approved, and approve multiple expenses at once.


  • Sign in using Okta. You can now sign in to the web app using Okta Authentication, and soon you can also sign in to the mobile app with Okta.

  • NetSuite: removing resources from Cost Centers. Previously our integration only added new resources to Cost Centers, this logic has been updated and now also removes assignees (that have been removed in NetSuite) as long as the end result is NOT that there are no assignees.


  • Bezala now handles negative reimbursements. This is useful in case your user has inserted a negative receipt, and wants the remaining sum to be deducted from the following batch.

  • The SEPA payment file can now be used by groups of companies that share the same bank.

  • The SEPA payment file is now linked in the batch email, and accessibly by signed in users with a manager or accountant role in that company.


  • NetSuite improvement: you can now send the reimbursable and credit card transactions in separate batches.

  • NetSuite improvement: the Voucher date is now the date of the receipt

  • The Finnish "PALTA" trade agreement per diems and mileages are now supported in Bezala

We will start sharing our releases on this page. Stay tuned!

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