How to create a new Bezala environment.

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You prepare to onboarding by filling in the file behind the link below. Filling this file will structure your thoughts and will make the onboarding easier. Most tabs can be directly imported to Bezala.

1. Opening a Bezala Environment

a) Users with the Settings Administrator and Accountant roles in Bezala can create new environments by clicking the Create a new company button in the main menu.

If you do not yet have a Bezala user, please contact [email protected] and we will help you get started.

b) Enter the company name and select the country. You can copy the company's chart of accounts setting if desired.

c) Select the accounting software used by the company. If the program is not listed in the drop-down menu, select Spreadsheet, and the accounting data will be provided as a csv file.

2. Activating Integration

If the company uses Netvisor or Procountor, integration is activated from the Company page.

If it is a different integration, please contact our support at [email protected].

3. Adding Cost Centers


You can retrieve all cost centers from Netvisor by clicking Fetch Data in the lower right corner of the Cost Centers page. After that, you can deactivate the cost centers that you do not want to show in Bezala (also possible in Excel).


If you want to transfer cost centers from Procountor to Bezala, please ask our support to do this ([email protected]). Also, let us know if you want to display VAT statuses on Bezala's receipt forms.


You can download an Excel file to your computer by clicking "Download Spreadsheet" add cost centers, and upload the table back into the system.

4. Adding the Chart of Accounts


If you selected Netvisor as the integration, Bezala will automatically import the condensed chart of accounts for the general ledger. If the company's chart of accounts differs from this, remove any extra accounts and add the chart of accounts by downloading the table to your computer (or one at a time from the right side of the Chart of Accounts page).


Add the chart of accounts using a Spreadsheet.

Note! If the company uses corporate payment liability corporate cards, it is important to add a new payment method. Payments made with the "Paid with own money" payment method will create a payment for users (implementation depends on the integration used).

5. Adding Users

You can add users in the following ways:

  • adding users one by one

  • uploading users to Bezala in an Excel table

  • allowing your employees to register themselves (Company page -> Authentication & Sign-up -> Click to show the self sign-up link)

If users are added one by one, they will receive an invitation immediately. If users are added via an Excel table, a separate Send Invitation button will appear next to the user.

Remember to set approval for users.

6. Required Company Settings (Company Page)

  1. add the company/organization's business ID

  2. add the bookkeepers email address, contact person for invoicing, and contact person in case of errors

  3. Add an IBAN account number (from which account reimbursements are paid to users)

  4. select the Account for which to reimburse (which payment method reimbursements are made to users from)

  5. Select the accounting data schedule, you can choose between the following transmission schedules:

    • daily: expenses are sent to accounting at 06:00 (GMT+3)

    • weekly: expenses are sent to accounting on the day you choose at 06:00

    • on the last day of the month: expenses entered in the previous month are sent to accounting on the first day of the following month at 06:00

  6. You can also send expenses immediately

    • Expenses in the sending queue are sent to accounting immediately when you click the "Send travel expenses immediately" link in the main menu.


The company is billed for active users according to the current price list starting from the month in which users are added to Bezala. An e-invoice is created for the company based on the business ID. You can provide different billing information by emailing [email protected].

User Guide

You can link your users to the our Help Center where we have wide variety of instructions including how to add expenses, guides for approvers etc.

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