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Close Period settings

You can close periods in Bezala to help with monthly or annual accounting closing.

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From now on periods are closed yearly after 180 days by default

We have set the default setting for all our customers to close yearly period 180 days (6 months) after the end of the period.

This means that expenses can be added normally for the previous calendar year for 180 days.

Closing Periods

You can choose how to the periods are closed in your Bezala environment. Close Period settings can be found from Company page.


Yearly period closing can be used, for example, if you want to prevent old expenses for the previous fiscal year when the fiscal year is a calendar year.


Monthly period closing can be used, for example, for month-end close.


Weekly seasonal locking can be used, for example, if the company's travel policy requires creating daily allowance applications within a week of the trip.

When is the period closed?

You can choose how many number of days the users can add expenses to previous period. After the mentioned number in "... days after the end of the period" period is closed.

What happens if expenses are added to a closed period?

Mileages, Daily allowances, and Rewards

Creating an expense for a closed period is not possible, and we display the text "the period is closed" on the form when tried.


Saving receipts to closed period is possible. When the receips are sent to accounting the date in vouchers in the accounting material will be set to the first day of the open period (i.e., the first day of the month or year).

The date on the accounting material PDF file will be the date set on the receipt form.

Manually Opening a Period

If necessary, a closed period can be manually opened until the desired date. This is done by pressing "Open/Close Period Manually" and then selecting the date from which you want the period to be opened.

The manual change is in effect for only until end of the day (UTC+2), after which the periods are closed according to company settings.

If you want to use the actual date as the expense date in voucher when the period is opened manually, you should also send the expenses to accounting during the day of the change (UTC+2). You can do that via "Send travel receipts now" feature in menu or the coq icon on individual expense.

You can also use the "Open/Close custom period" functionality also to close the open period for a day.

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