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Integrate to the Incomes Register
Integrate to the Incomes Register

Bezala automatically reports per diems and mileages to the Incomes Register

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Bezala automatically sends reports of paid per diems and mileages to the Incomes Register via the API. If you don't want this feature to be on, please inform us immediately via the support chat or to [email protected].

What will be reported?
By default, mileages will be reported with code 311 and per diems with code 331 for profit organizations. If you're a non-profit organization, code 357 will be used for mileages and code 358 for per diems.

It is the customer's responsibility to save these codes behind each Bezala user and edit them if necessary.

How can you inform Bezala that you're a non-profit organization?
If the VAT field in your Bezala is locked, you're already marked as a non-profit organization. Please contact Bezala support if this is not the case.

How does Bezala know what to report?
During the following night, Bezala reports all per diems and mileages that were sent to accounting the previous day.

How are exceptions handled?
The per diem and mileage forms in Bezala have a small cog icon - by clicking on this icon one can mark a single transactions as paid or unpaid. This cog icon is shown to users with the Manager/Accountant role in Bezala. If needed, one can request these roles from our support chat or [email protected].

Whose certificate will be used?
By default, Bezala uses the certificate of Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy. It's also possible to use another organization's certificate - if you'd like to do this, please inform us at [email protected].

Am I be able to track what's been reported to the Incomes Register?
Yes, anyone with your company's procuration is able to log in at and check the reports created by Bezala (Renance).

It is also possible to cancel individual incomes register reports which have been sent. This can be done on the IR reports view, but cancelling requires further credentials which can be asked about from our support.

To what date is the report dated if the SSN is added after the expense has been moved to accounting?

​The report is dated to the date when the expense was updated last time in our database. In most cases, this is the date the expense was moved to accounting.

If there are multiple expenses being sent from a user to incomes register, they will be sent with the newest transactions date. In addition, expenses older than 6 months will not be sent if they have not been sent yet.

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