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Adding a new user

How to create a new Bezala user

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In the web version users with Manager and/or Accountant roles can edit users' basic settings, bank information, default settings and approval cycles.

1. Login to Bezala web UI as a Manager to Bezala

2. Click on a hamburger button in the top left corner to open collapsed menu or scroll down a bit if you are on a wider screen and see menu already

3. Under the Company Settings section click Users to open the user edit page.

4. Click on the "Add a user" button on the bottom of the page.

5. Fill in the user's basic information and the details for reimbursement:

Name and email address are mandatory when creating new users to Bezala. Note that Finnish SSN is necessary for the Incomes Register reports. Users can also themselves add their banking information from their profile in Bezala.

6. Choose the default purchase type and payment method

7. Add the user roles. An user can have one or more of the following Bezala roles:

  • Employee (the basic role; can save expenses and be an approved if needed)

  • Manager (can edit company settings)

  • Accountant (can view all transactions)

8. Set up their approval cycle

Read more about the approvals in Bezala here.

9. Click on the create button to save the user settings. The user will receive a welcome message after their information has been saved.


More information on how to add a new payment method for the users here.

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