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User roles can be used to both increase and limit the accessability of costs and functions in Bezala. The roles of each user are agreed internally in your company. If you whish to make any update to your or your colleague's user role, kindly contact the main user of your company.

Basic roles

Employee: can add expenses. Can be a supervisor/approver if he's been saved as someone's approver.

Manager: can edit company and user settings. Requires also the Employee role to function.

Accountant: sees all transactions. Requires also the Employee and Manager roles to function.

Special roles

Public: Can be selected as an approver when changing a transaction-specific approval cycle.

Money checker: The final approver in any approval cycles in which the user's set as an approver.

Secretary: Can add expenses on other users' behalf

Instructions on setting up secretary role:

  1. Request the role to user(s) from our [email protected]

  2. Add user(s) as resource to all Accounts and Cost Centers of Users for whom he is Secretary (for Example if User_1 has Asset_Account_1 assigned to him - User_1 is in resource if Asset_Account_1, for proper working Secretary must be also in resources of Asset_Account_1)

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