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Integrate Mepco/Sympa to Bezala
Integrate Mepco/Sympa to Bezala

How to get data from Mepco/Sympa to Bezala

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With over 4000 customers, and over 350 000 employments being handled, Mepco is one of Finland's most popular payroll and HR software. Many of Bezala customers use Mepco or another HR software called Sympa, and to make their life easier we've created an integration that automates the following:

  • Update employees' basic data from Mepco/Sympa to Bezala (incl. name, email, SSN, language, IBAN, BIC)

  • Updates the employees' defaults (default cost centers, accounts)

  • Updates the employees' foreman

  • Deactivates the employee the day after the contract is terminated

Since Mepco/Sympa does not yet have an API, we've built the integration using CSV files that are transferred via SFTP. The columns in the CSV file are listed below. The order of the columns does not matter, and not all columns are required. However, the header name has to be exactly as shown below.

Required columns:

Column header


Person Number

Add your Mepco/Sympa employee ID here

User Email

User Name

Optional columns:

Column header


User Language

Can be ENGLISH, SWEDISH or FINNISH, otherwise we will fall back to the company default language.

User Role



User BIC

User SSN

Default Cost Centers ::: dimensionname

Please add all dimensions in separate columns. Ex: "Default Cost Centers ::: 1004". The dimensionname has to match to the dimension name in Bezala, otherwise, we will ignore this column. The cost center ID also has to exist in Bezala, otherwise, we will ignore it. IF the company has a company ID set then the corresponding company ID must be set in the "Yhtiönumero" column for this to work.

User Approvers

Comma-separated, specified by their Person Numbers

Ts Päättymispv



If you are a group of companies, place the company ID that the employee belongs to in this column. If you only have one company then please ignore this column. The company ID needs to be added to "External company ID" field in company settings in Bezala.

Please note! The column header must contain the umlauts (Yhtiönumero).

Incomes Register

Send Incomes Register reports from this user or not. Value can be YES or NO. If the column is present, "YES" is assumed by default, e.g. if the cell is empty.

Mileage Category

User-specific mileage category. The value is category’s name, e.g. Finland: Default. Value "None" can be used to remove user-specific category from user settings. If the cell is empty, user’s category is not updated.

Per Diem Category

User-specific per diem category. The value is category’s name, e.g. Finland: Default. "None" can be used to remove user-specific category from user settings. If the cell is empty, user’s category is not updated.

Connecting Bezala to your Mepco/Sympa Server

Connect your Bezala environment to Mepco/Sympa by activating the Mepco integration on the "HR & Payroll Software" tab on the "Integrations" page. You can find instructions for that here:

Sending Mepco/Sympa files to Bezala's Server

If you don't have a server of your own, nor do you have a Mepco/Sympa server, you can ask our support to use our server. We will setup a server for you for an extra cost of 50€/month.

The timetable for the sync
Data will be fetched from Mepco/Sympa to Bezala automatically on a daily basis (Mon-Fri at 6.30 AM) after the connection with Mepco/Sympa has been established.

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