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Integrate to Visma Severa

How to set up integration with Bezala and Visma Severa

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The integration fetches projects and users from Severa to Bezala. The expenses that have Severa projects in Bezala are shown in Severa's "Invoicing & Other Expenses" section.

Establishing a connection between Bezala and Visma Severa.

Before you begin, as a system administrator, activate VISMA Severa REST API on the Updates page. After logging in again, you will see the REST API page in the drop-down menu that opens from the cog icon.

  1. Open REST API page

2. Create client credentials

Integration target system: Bezala

Contact person: [email protected]

3. Select these API scopes:








4. Forward the request for opening a connection to Bezala support at [email protected]. Send the client ID and secret as a separate encrypted message.

Also, let us know what the dimension name of the projects imported from Severa should be. The dimension name will be displayed on Bezala's forms. By default, the dimension name will be "Projects".

The Bezala integration creates a new product in Severa named "Bezala Expenses", and you can also request us to name Bezala expenses differently. When you choose a Severa project for an expense in Bezala, the expense is sent to Severa.

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