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Creating a new Bezala environment
Creating a new Bezala environment

How to create another Bezala environment for your other company

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To create another Bezala environment you'll need the "Accountant" role in Bezala. If needed, you can request this role from Bezala's support chat or the address [email protected]. Please contact Bezalas support if you need any help

To prepare the onboarding, fill in the file behind the link below. Filling this file will structure your thoughts and will make the onboarding easier. Most tabs can be directly imported to Bezala.

How to create a new environment:

  1. In the web version, click on your company's name at the top of the screen

  2. Choose "Create a new company" from the dropdown

  3. Choose the accounting software from the pop-up window's dropdown

  4. You're ready to start tweaking the settings and using Bezala!

Company settings:

Adding users:

Editing your Cost Centers:

Editing your chart of accounts:

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