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Setting up the Eurocard integration
Setting up the Eurocard integration
Written by Laura Lamberg
Updated over a week ago

With the Eurocard-integration, it is possible to automatically tranfer the the following SEB transactions to Bezala:

  • Eurocard Corporate Cards

  • Purchase account

  • Travel account

Send the contract form to SEB

Start the integration process by filling out the contract form behind this link.

Fill in the form as follows:

  • In the "File delivery" section of the form, tick in the "Daily travel & expense transaction files" column, whether the integration applies to Eurocard Corporate Cards, purchase account or travel account

  • Enter "Bezala" in the "Expense management system" section of the form

  • Enter "Renance AFS Oy" in the "Company providing the expense management system" field

Email to contract form to [email protected]. Attach a list of Eurocard users' ID numbers to your email.

Activate the integration in Bezala

After you have sent the form to the bank, activate the integration in the browser version of Bezala ( The integration can be activated by a person who has the manager user role in Bezala.

In Bezala, navigate to the Integrations section and select the Credit Card Companies tab. In the Eurocard section, set the toggle icon on. Click the gear icon next to the selection switch and fill in the necessary information in the form that opens:

  • Business ID: Your company’s business ID

  • Use external_id to connect credit cards to Bezala users: Mark selected

  • Enable travel account feature: Mark the desired option

Finally, navigate to the Company page in Bezala and in the Customization section, choose whether you want Bezala to remind you of missing credit card receipts on a daily or weekly basis (on Mondays).


Check Bezala pricing here. Eurocard integration is part of the credit card receipt reminder service. Eurocard has 350€ per year integration fee.

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