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Setting up the MasterCard integration
Setting up the MasterCard integration
Written by Laura Lamberg
Updated over a week ago

MasterCard integration makes it possible to automatically transfer Danske MasterCard credit card transactions to Bezala.

If you use another bank's MasterCard and want to connect it to Bezala, contact your bank's MasterCard contact person to start the process.

Fill in the Danske Bank contract form

When you want to open a MasterCard integration for your company, contact Danske Bank's customer service either by e-mail (Finland: [email protected] Sweden: chat on website) or by phone Finland: 0100 2580 Sweden: 020-79 03 47. Ask Danske to send you an agreement form for the transfer of credit card data.

Danske will process the contract form and provide you with an order ID that you can use to activate the integration in Bezala.

On the contract form you receive, enter the following information about Bezala:

· Contact information on Bezala’s side:

· Phone number of contact person: +358 44 016 1288

· Name of the contact person: Fredrik Teir

· Email of the contact person: [email protected]

Activate the integration in Bezala

After you have received the order ID from Danske Bank, activate the integration in the browser version of Bezala ( The integration can be activated by a person who has the manager user rights in Bezala. Also, make sure the Chart of accounts in Bezala contains a credit card payment type.

In Bezala, navigate to the Integrations section and select the Credit Card Companies tab. In the Danske Mastercard section, set the toggle icon on and type in the Order ID you have received from Danske.

Finally, navigate to the Company page in Bezala and in the Customization section, choose whether you wish Bezala to remind you of missing credit card receipts on a daily or weekly basis (on Mondays).


Check Bezala pricing here. MasterCard integration is part of the credit card receipt reminder service. Danske bank does not have separate integration charge.

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