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Setting up a Pliant integration
Setting up a Pliant integration
Written by Laura Lamberg
Updated over a week ago

Pliant integration makes it possible to automatically transfer Pliant credit card transactions to Bezala.

Contact Pliant's customer support via email at [email protected] and tell your business ID number for the new Bezala integration. After that, activate the integration between Bezala and Pliant in PIiant's own application.

After that, contact Bezala customer support at [email protected] and ask us to start the Pliant integration into your company's Bezala environment.

Make sure the Chart of accounts in Bezala contains a credit card payment type. To do this, you need to have the manager user role in Bezala.

Finally, navigate to the Company page in Bezala and in the Customization section, choose whether you want Bezala to remind you of missing credit card receipts on a daily or weekly basis (on Mondays).

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