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ID numbers in Bezala
ID numbers in Bezala
Written by Laura Lamberg
Updated over a week ago

In Bezala, each user has their own ID number, which is created either in Bezala or imported to Bezala from an HR system, such as Mepco or Netsuite.

Within credit card integrations specifically Nordea First Card and Eurocard, the user's ID number is used to assign the credit card and its transactions to the correct user. This can be done by either using the person's Bezala ID number or an external ID number from an HR integration.

When creating a direct integration between Bezala and a credit card company, these external ID numbers can be sent to the credit card provider who will then handle the ID numbers connection on their system.

If your company uses an HR integration, the external ID numbers are visible in Bezala in the Users view.

To find out Bezala ID numbers when no HR integration is used, please contact [email protected]

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