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Transaction status in Bezala
Transaction status in Bezala
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Transaction state code in archive

Header in opening view and main menu


Waiting to be completed..

Transaction is pending for some information to be filled in e.g. description..

Fill in the missing information and/or click on Submit button


Waiting for others approval

Transactions that are going through the approval cycle. By opening the transaction form you can check who is the current approver.



Unapproved transactions were reviewed by approver(s), but they were not accepted.

Open the transaction form to view comments from approver. If user edits an unapproved transaction, it will move back to queue to be reviewed again.


Scheduled to be sent to your bookkeeper or Expenses will be accounted/reimbursed in X hours

Queued transactions are waiting to be moved to accounting. These expenses have gone through approval if the approval process has been set up.

The transactions are sent to accounting according to the schedule in company settings.


Sent to your bookkeeper & reimburser dd/mm/yyyy

Accounted transactions have been sent to the accounting software.


Failed receipts are marked with red exclamation (!) mark

Transactions which sending to accounting has failed. The error messages are sent to company support person listed in company settings.

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