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Okta sign in Configuration Guide
Okta sign in Configuration Guide

This guide shows you how to set up Okta sign in for your Bezala company.

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You have to sign in to Bezala as a Manager to edit Company settings.

Configuration Steps

On Okta

  1. Go to Your Okta Org Admin

  2. Go to Applications Section

  3. Click Add Application and find Bezala app there

  4. Edit Application label if needed and click Done

Note Credentials under the Sign On section - you'll need it later

  1. Login to Bezala web UI as a Manager to Bezala

  2. Click on a hamburger button in the top left corner to open collapsed menu or scroll down a bit if you are on a wider screen and see menu already

  3. Under the Company Settings section click Company, to open Company Settings form

4. Scroll down to Okta Settings section and click on Click to edit Okta sign-in settings button.

Wait for Okta settings to load

5. Enter your Okta Client ID and Okta Client Secret, which are found in Okta app settings "Client Credentials" section we mentioned before.

And Okta Issuer URL which is your Okta Org URL

6. Click Save button to save Company settings

Now your Okta users added to Bezala app on Okta can log in to Bezala using Okta credentials (assuming those users have an account in Bezala with the same email).

Okta sign-in can be used both from the Login page and Self sign-up form.

On the Login page just click the Okta button and enter the Company name you want to sign in to:

On the Self sign-up form simply click the Okta button:


Please, make sure you've added users to Bezala app on Okta below the Assignments section. Those users should have an account in Bezala with the same emails.

Example Okta credentials:

Example Okta configuration
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