Add a receipt (web)

How to create a new expense claim using our web version

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  1. Login to Bezala web UI

  2. Click on the “+ New Expense” button in the upper right corner:

3. choose "Receipt" from the drop down menu:

4. To attach an image, you can either drag and drop it to the box or click inside the box.

5. When the image is uploaded, it is time to fill in the details:

Filling in the details as specifically as possible will make your accountant’s job a whole lot easier. Bezala already fills in the details according to your settings, but you can easily change them if you want to.

6. When you’ve filled in all the information, click “submit”. In the view on the left you can see whether your expense claims are in approval or waiting to be sent to accounting. If you want to continue filling in information later you can save the receipt from "Save as draft".

You can also add another cost or VAT by clicking on the “add expense line” button.


If you get a lot of email receipts, you can forward them straight to Bezala. More information here.

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