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New daily allowance

How to create a new daily allowance using mobile application and web version.

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To add a new daily allowance, press the “+ New Expense” button and choose “daily allowance”

Fill in the information needed and press “save” to send your daily allowance claim for approval or accounting.

In the view on the left you can see whether your expense claims are in approval or waiting to be sent to accounting.

New multi-country daily allowance and selecting the country of departure

1. Open the per diem form

2. Add the description of the trip (purpose of the trip, visited countries and cities)

3. Select the country where the first travel day ends

4. Select the start time of the trip

5. Select the time you left the country the first travel day ended to the "End time"

  • Select the times always according to the Finnish time zone (UTC+2 during summer, UTC+3 during winter)

Adding the countries of destination

6. Press +add another country

7. Select the next country

8. Select the time you arrived to the country after that to "End time"

Repeat steps 6–8 for all countries of destination.

Ending the trip

9. Select the country where you visited last time before returning to the country of departure to the last "Country" field

10. Select the end time of the trip

Marking free meals received during the trip

11. Select the free meals


12. Press save

Other information:

  • You can only use Bezala's daily allowance form for multiple countries when the company is based in Finland.

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