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Users that register via self sign-up link
Users that register via self sign-up link
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Bezala offers option for users to registrate themselves as users to company account (“Self-service for Sporadic Users”). Regular employees (or other users) can also use this option. This feature is recommend to sporadic users because the company might not have their personal information such as bank accounts available. Sporadic users will be invoiced according to our listed prices unless agreed otherwise.

The self sign-up link is found in company settings under “Self sign-up settings”. Users with Manager-role can access it. The link is ready to use as it is but recommended that client follows these steps:

  1. Add company default approver (so no expenses go to accounting without approval)

  2. Assign the user requests to join Bezala to certain person (otherwise they are sent to all Managers in the company)

  3. Add assign default cost centers if it is needed

After that client can share the link to their new users or e.g. embed it to company’s own intranet.

How the registration works for the user:

  1. Receive the link from their Bezala manager

  2. Enter email and password for Bezala

  3. Fill in basic information (First and last name, default payment method, language, IBAN and SSN)

  4. Create new receipts, mileages, per diems, rewards to Bezala

The transactions user has saved to Bezala will go through approval process (if it has been set) and then moved to accounting and payment as scheduled.


How long is the temporary membership valid and what happens if user is not approved on time?

User has to be approved in 4 days or they can not log in until their membership is approved. User will be shown this message on log in page if their membership has not been approved on time: "A manager from Company Ab Oy needs to confirm your account before you can continue". Approved sporadic user can log in to Bezala and continue using their Bezala account as long as needed.

What happens if you try to approve/disapprove transactions from a user who is not yet approved?

If the approver has just employee the queue will move forward with the process (e.g. go to queue or to the next approver). If the approver has manager role approves/disapproves the expense of the user with the temporary membership, notification to accept the membership will be shown to the approver.

Who can approve user memberships?
Anyone in the company with Manager role. The client is responsible to verify if the users actually belong to their company’s Bezala and that their users are approved on time.

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