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VAT code automation

You can save time by mapping VAT percentages to VAT Codes behind Expense types .

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How do map VAT % to VAT code

  1. Ask for beta user role from [email protected]

  2. Edit Purchase type from Accounts page

  3. Map VAT percentages to VAT codes

How VAT code is selected to the receipts after mapping

When user selects the purchase type and VAT for the expense, the mapped VAT code is selected automatically.

Note that users without Accountant role don't see the code. However, the VAT code is still selected to the receipts.

How to add VAT codes

Not all the integrations fetch VAT codes from accounting automatically (only Netvisor do).

However, you can ask our support to add VAT codes to your Bezala. The information we need per VAT code:

  • VAT Code UI-name (title)

  • VAT Code Identifier (value)*

*What value is sent to accounting. If you're using Spreadsheet accounting batches, you also have to ask us to add VAT Code column to Spreadsheet template.

Custom VAT percentages (%)

You ask our support to add custom VAT percentages to your Bezala. The information we need per VAT unit

  • VAT name

  • VAT value (i.e. 0%, 14% etc)

In the example above the first VAT name is "Purchase Abroad, EU".

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