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Combining expenses with @ tag (Expense summary)
Combining expenses with @ tag (Expense summary)

How to combine expenses with @ tag.

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You can create Expense summary and combine expenses by using @ tag in Description. Expense summary makes it easier to see total cost of the trip and makes approving expenses easier too.

Creating an expense summary

  1. Open new expense menu and press "Expense Summary"

  2. Name and describe the summary. Name may contain spaces, they will converted to underscore _ in next step

Adding new expenses to Expense summary

In browser version you can add expenses to summary with prefilled info (@ tag in description, date and cost centers) by clicking the tag and pressing + button.

Combining existing expenses to a summary

  1. Write @ character to Description, use the same @ tag as in expense summary

    1. Note that you should not use space in the tag (correct: @helsinkitrip, incorrect: @helsinki trip

    2. You can continue the description after the tag

  2. Use the same tag in all the expenses you want to merge to the same expense summary

You can use @ tag both in mobile app and browser version. Expense summary will be release in mobile app menu later on. When expenses are connected to expense by adding the tag to description manually the date and cost centers are not automatically fetched from previous expenses.

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