You can use budgets to apply for pre-approval for a trip or other types of expenses.

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How to add a new budget

To add a new budget go to a Budget page from the menu and press "Add New Budget" from the lower right corner. You can only add and approver budgets in browser version.

  1. Fill in a budget name

  2. Fill the Cost Centers where you will later allocate the expenses

  3. Select a start and end date (you can only choose dates from today onwards)

  4. Fill in the budget amount for each type of expenses that you will use in the budget.

    1. Select the type of expenses by pressing -Select purchase type- under "Account" field

    2. You can add multiple types of expenses by pressing "+ add another purchase type"

    3. You can only add each purchase type once (if there will be multiple purchases for similar purchase type i.e. multiple flight tickets please add sum of those purchases to the purchase type amount)

  5. You can see the total amount of the budget in Summary section

  6. Apply for a budget by pressing Save from lower right corner

    1. The budget will go to approval to the first approval set to you in your user settings (in most cases your supervisor) once you click Save

Can not save the budget?

Please make sure all the necessary fields have been filled (name of the budget, sart and end date and amount at least for one purchase type).

Please make sure that there are not any empty purchase type rows

  1. Make sure there are no empty amounts on the rows

  2. Make sure there are no -Select purchase type- texts visible

  3. You can delete the extra lines by pressing the trash can icon

How budgets work?


After saving the budget it will go to approval to the first approver set in your settings.

If there are no user-specific approvers set the budget will go to approval to Company's default approver. If there are no company approvers you can not save the budget.

You can edit the budget until it has been approver.

Approver will get an email notification to approve the budget. The budget can be approved in Budgets page from the right side of the page. You might need to scroll right to see the approve icon.

Connecting expenses to the budget

Once the budget has been approved the expenses inside the given rules connect to the budget automatically.


You apply for a budget for hotel and flight expenses for Cost Center 1 for 11.-16.9. and your budget gets approved: When you add receipts with hotel and flights purchase types, select a Cost Center 1 and set a date that is inside 11.16.9. the receipts automatically connect to budget.

There will be an arrow icon on the every receipt that has connected to a budget. You can go to that budget's page by pressing the icon. You can also see a list of connected receipts on the budget specific page.

Following the used amount

You can see the Used amount (total sum of all the connected receipts) in the summary section on the budget's page.

Comparing @ tag grouped expenses to a budget

There might be cases where all the expenses can not connect to the budget. For example if the flight tickets have been paid outside the budget dates or you would like to include daily allowances to the budgets (only receipts can automatically connect to a budget). In those cases it is recommended to ask the employees only to finish the expenses after the trip and use @ tag in every expense's description to see the total cost of the trip.
Then the total cost of the @ tag (i.e. a trip) can be seen when the tag is pressed and then that total sum can compared to the approved budget.

Can not see the Budgets page?

The Budget feature is an additional service and has to separately be activated to the company. Please contact [email protected] to activate the service.

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