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Setting up a Zevoy integration
Written by Laura Lamberg
Updated over a week ago

Zevoy integration makes it possible to automatically transfer Zevoy credit card transactions to Bezala.

To start the Zevoy integration, contact Zevoy's customer support via email [email protected] and request that your company's credit card transactions be automatically sent to Bezala in the future.
After that, activate the integration in the browser version of Bezala ( This can be done by a person who has the manager user role in Bezala.

In Bezala, navigate to the Integrations section and select the Credit Card Companies tab. In the Zevoy section, set the toggle icon on.

Finally, navigate to the Company page in Bezala and in the Customization section, choose whether you want Bezala to remind you of missing credit card receipts on a daily or weekly basis.


Check Bezala pricing here. Zevoy integration is part of the credit card receipt reminder service. Zevoy charges integration according to their own pricing.

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