Credit card bills in Bezala

How to manage your credit card bills

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Credit card bills in Bezala

The credit card bill is automatically imported to Bezala. If the bill contains transactions for multiple credit cards, we’ll split it to individual bills. This way the user will only see the transactions that belong to their own credit card. You can see the individual bill lines by going to the "Credit Card Bills" in the web version.

Bezala checks which bill lines are missing a receipt

The bills are automatically linked to receipts in Bezala by:

  • date

  • currency

  • price

  • user

  • credit card number

Tips to make the automation work better:

  • please make sure that the “User” field contains the credit card user’s name

  • please make sure that the correct credit card is selected as the payment method

  • please make sure the receipt has the correct date

  • if the receipt was given in a foreign currency, please select the right currency and fill in the foreign currency amount

  • if our reminder email includes one or more rows with the text “Cash Withdrawal”, please insert all the receipts related to the cash withdrawals as one receipt per cash withdrawal

You can also link receipts to bill lines manually:

  1. Find the individual bill from the "Credit card bills" view in the web version and click on the bill number

  2. Click on the text "Choose receipt" and choose the receipt for that bill line from the dropdown

  3. If you can't find the correct receipt from the dropdown, you can add the missing receipt by clicking the link "Add receipt" found on the same row. After this please return to section 1 in these instructions.

  4. If the receipt has been delivered to accounting via other means, you can choose the value "Not needed" for a bill row. This way Bezala won't remind you or the card's user about this particular bill row.

To manage your credit card bills in Bezala you'll need to activate the "Credit Card Bills" feature. Read more about this feature here.

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