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This will allow us to create an application and to onboard users to our Okta admin dashboard https://developer.okta.com/login/

2. Go to Application and select “Create App integration”

3. Choose OIDC - OpenID Connect and Native Application

4. Fill in app name and select ‘Refresh Token’

5. This part is Okta url: https://dev-xxxxxx.octa.com (will be used in Bezala admin company settings)

6. Fill in sign in and sign out URL com.milkpluschocolate.receiptcam:/ or com.milkpluschocolate.receiptcam.staging:/ or com.milkpluschocolate.receiptcam.mepco:/

7. Save form

8. Client Id will be used in Bezala admin Company settings

Then you need to add users to Okta and assign them to created App

1.Go to Directory -> People -> press ‘add person’

2.Fill all needed info

3.Press on new created user and assign him to Okta app

New user would need to create new password for his account

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