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Account rules

Accounting rules allow you to automate the selection of expense categories

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Account rules allow you to automate the selection of purchase types.

With accounting rules, you can help users choose purchase types. Bezala suggests the purchase type by searching the keywords in the account rules-based from the description of a new receipt.

Accounting rules can be managed in the "Account Rules" view in Bezala's browser version. In this view, you can create new rules or disable existing ones. Users with at least the "Manager" user role can edit the rules. Account Rules are company specific.

Accounting rules can be added using Excel. Start by selecting the "Download Spreadsheet" button

In the "Pattern" column, enter the keyword that Bezala will use to suggest the purchase type. The "Account Code" column should contain the accounting code for the purchase type. The purchase type must be added to Bezala's chart of accounts for the

account rule to work. Instructions for adding the expense category can be found here.

Once you have entered the keywords and account numbers in the correct columns, save the table and upload it back to Bezala using the "Upload Spreadsheet. The rules will take effect immediately once they have been successfully uploaded to Bezala.

Removing Accounting Rules

If you want to disable a specific accounting rule later, you can do so by selecting the red cross next to the rule.

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