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Importing Credit Card Bills manually
Importing Credit Card Bills manually

How to import bills in Spreadsheet form.

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You can also import credit card bills to Bezala manually in spreadsheet form from the "Import credit card transactions" button on the Credit Card Bills page. You can also include transactions of several users in one table.

The table must be in csv format and contain the data in the following columns:

  • Invoice ID

  • Credit Card Identifier

    • credit card number

    • leave at least the first 4 and last 4 numbers of the card visible (and hide the missing numbers with x letters)

    • the identifier is used to connect the transactions to the correct user (the corresponding number must be added behind the credit card payment method)

  • Date

  • Vendor name

  • Description (of the purchase)

  • Original Amount

  • Original Currency

  • Billed Amount

  • Billed Currency

Download example file:

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