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HR integration settings (Mepco/Sympa)
HR integration settings (Mepco/Sympa)
Written by Taru
Updated over a week ago

You can activate the integration between Bezala and your HR software by activating the Mepco integration on the "HR & Payroll Software" on the Integrations page. Though the integration as labeled as "Mepco", it works for both Mepco and Sympa.

You can define the integration settings by clicking on the cog icon next to the activation slider:

Login and Password: These credentials should have the permission to read and download data from the server.

Host: server address, eg. IP address or URL

Port: server protocol; 22 if using SFTP

Path to files: If there are multiple folders on the server, you can define the folder address for the employee data here (eg. /in/users).

Filename: Not a mandatory field. By default, the first file in the defined folder will be fetched. If there are multiple files in the folder, please specify the file name here.

Instructions for creating the HR integration file can be found here:

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