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How to create new reward type to Bezala
How to create new reward type to Bezala
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To create a new reward type:

  1. Log in to Bezala's web version.

  2. Go to the "Reward types" view through the main menu. The view shows all the reward types in use.

  3. Click the "+ Add reward type" button.

  4. The reward type can be named freely, but the account number must correspond to accounting. The price of the reward type can be fixed or free format.

  5. Also, select the correct income type for the reward for earnings reporting.

  6. If tax withholding is not deducted from the reward, check the "No tax deduction" box.

  7. If you want only certain users to be able to use the reward type you created, add their names to the "Choose resources" field. If the field is empty, any Bezala user in the environment can search for the reward.

    Are you already our customer and want to use the reward form? Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll activate the reward form. The reward form is included in Bezala's basic price.

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