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Deleting and restoring users
Deleting and restoring users
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Users can be removed manually or through integration in Bezala. With Netsuite, Mepco, Sympa, and Severa integrations, user information can be synchronized, including their removal. Transactions entered by a removed user will remain in the system even if their account is deleted.

Before deleting a user, make sure that all of their travel and expense reports have been fully processed and that they are not an approver for anyone.

Manually removing a user

You can remove a user from your Bezala account as follows:

  1. Go to the Users menu

  2. Click on the red cross next to the user.

Integrations and removing users

If a user's information is imported through integration, their membership will also be removed from the Bezala environment if their information is no longer included in the data coming through the integration or if their account is deactivated in Netsuite, Mepco, Sympa, or Severa.

If your company has a Netsuite, Sympa, or Mepco integration, when an employment relationship ends user will be automatically removed from Bezala.




Will the user be added if their data is added to the incoming data?



yes if Add/remove users based on data from Severa is on

Will the user be removed if they’ve been deactivated on the integration’s side?


yes, ”Deactivated” in this case means that the contract end date (“Ts Päättymispv“ column) has been reached.

yes if Add/remove users based on data from Severa is on

Will the user be removed if their data is no longer coming from the integration?


yes unless Don't delete membership if user is not present in the file is on

yes if Add/remove users based on data from Severa is on

Restoring a Deleted User

If user data is synchronized through NetSuite, Mepco, Sympa, or Severa, you can reactivate the user on the integrated system's side. After that, the user should also appear in Bezala.

Restoring a user manually is done in the same way as creating a new user in the Bezala environment. Read detailed instructions on adding a user here.

If the restored user has the same email as before, they will also have access to their old travel and expense reports.

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